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Printing letterhead and business premises

With professionally designed and printed letterhead can help create a positive and professional image for any business. Even small home based businesses can project a strong corporate image quality letterhead for correspondence.

Letterhead can ask local printers and web-based you can use an existing company logo or design that the client provides a digital file. Many printing companies also offer letterhead internal creative services help customers design logos, choose fonts and develop letterhead that matches your existing business image.

How to order

When ordering letterhead printing, customers need to decide on the size and color of the image or logo, type of paper and the leaves of the number and size you want to print. Overall, the cost per sheet decreases as the size increases because of order price an important part of the commercial printing and design includes installation costs. Most printers require a minimum quantity of 100 sheets or more print orders of notepaper, with some services establishing a minimum order of 500 sheets.

Business customers should receive a written estimate for the total cost of your order before authorizing the printing of letterhead. This quote should include details such as the type of paper and ink used, the number of order forms and expected delivery date. Most printing companies that require customers to check a proof copy of the header before printing the entire order. This allows the customer the ability to make last minute changes to your letterhead while avoiding costly mistakes such as typographical errors or omissions in any order.

One, two and Full-Color

The letterhead printing option is more economical to use a single color on a base paper which is suitable for use in both inkjet and laser printers office. This may be a good choice for companies seeking low-cost bedside for daily use.

The letterhead price generally increases with the number of colors used, the paper quality and additional features, such as high ink or use of gold foil.

Eco-Friendly Options

There are a number of options available to businesses who are looking for eco letterhead printing. Most commercial printers offer stock of paper containing recycled material, such as post-consumer waste, is free of any fibers from virgin wood pulp and is manufactured without the use of chlorine.

Another option for printing green letterhead may be the use of soy ink instead of traditional inks based on oil base. The soy ink printing option is considered an ecological because these inks off-gas significantly less volatile organic compounds (VOC) than oil based inks while producing a brighter image on the paper and vibrant.

Other Considerations

Many commercial printers offer discounts for customers who place an order for letterhead, plus printing services such as business cards, envelopes and printing brochures. In addition to providing cost savings in printing services, this option helps ensure consistency between all printed materials used in a business.

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