How To Make Your First CD

Before you even think of recording a CD your band needs to have a refined song list. The type of CD printing you will do depends on the number of songs that your band has ready. There are extended play (EP) records and long play (LP) records. Normally if the band is recording their first record they make an EP which consists of only five or so songs. An LP will have a larger number of songs, typical of most the CD’s you buy today. Cost is also a factor in deciding whether your band records a EP or a LP. It is not uncommon to spend a couple thousand dollars recording an EP or LP.

CD Printing

The cost will depend on the quality of the Cheap CD printing and the amount of time spent at a professional recording studio. Band managers usually advocate for the band and negotiates a lower price the studio charges. It may be beneficial to seek out a management agency for this purpose alone. EP records can be recorded in other ways such as at a live show or in a make shift studio. However, if you are willing to take the time a record a song you need to do it right. Consumers can tell the amount of effort you put into making a CD which can affect sales.

Your CD’s artwork is as important as the music that is on it. The artwork is the first thing a consumer sees which will give insight of who your band is and what your music is all about. Having the best artwork is essential in CD printing online. Your band can either hire a designer or you can bang it out yourself. The latter is recommended because only you will be able to encapsulate the passion around your band and your music. Make time when your band can collectively come up with artwork that evokes who you are as musicians. Remember that this artwork will also be used on all your bands merchandise: t-shirts, stickers, and whatever else. When someone buys your merchandise you want the design to make people wonder and ask about your band when they see it. It has to generate interest.

After all that work, your band needs to simply find a company that will print your CDs or merchandise for the best price possible. Usually Custom CD printing companies offer discounts for big orders or if you are affiliated with a band manager or record agency. Shop around to get the best deal possible. Shortly after your order is placed you will receive the fruits of you labor. Most bands sell the CDs at shows that they play. The price you put the CD is crucial. You want to make a profit but at the same time you do not the price to prevent a person who has a mild interest in your band to purchase. Continue developing songs and recording them to share to the masses.

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