Folded Business Cards

We all know that business cards are an essential marketing tool for your business and the perfect vehicle for exchanging contact information with prospects and customers. But what if you need more space to really sell your company’s value proposition? Consider folded business cards when you want to take your business card marketing to the next level. Folded business cards are twice the size of standard business cards and usually come scored down the middle for easy folding. Also known as double business cards, fold-over or folding business cards, these cards once folded are the same size as a standard business card, so they can easily fit into business card holders or your prospects’ wallets.

Folded business cards double the amount of space you have to sell your product or service, because you have four panels to work with instead of just two. They are also a perfect way to save money by combining two marketing purposes into one printed piece. They give you all of the components of business card and work as a mini-brochure. Folded business cards can help you stand out from the sea of boring and bland business cards by providing an eye-catching and unique look.

The long even fold features a full fold that goes the long direction on the card, allowing you to showcase additional information on the inside of the card that is revealed when your prospect or client lifts up the flap. The visual design can be either horizontal or vertical on the card, also called landscape or portrait. The short even fold goes the short direction on the card. The visual design of the card can be also be either horizontal or vertical. The short folded business card’s unique look will help add an element of individuality to any card.

The offset fold includes a reveal panel. One part of the card is shorter, allowing a portion of the inside of the card to show when folded over. The offset fold uses the reveal panel to highlight important information oe design elements. This can be used on any of the long or short, horizontal or vertical fold styles.

The uses of folding business cards are endless. You can hand them out flat, but scored to mimic a postcard, and the back can be used to display your contact information when folded. Or hand them out already folded and the customer or prospect can open the card for more information. They are also perfect as a mini-brochure or tradeshow handout. Plus, the additional panels give you room to add something unique and memorable to your business cards.