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A business card is usually a piece of paper containing the name, address and contact information of the person giving the card. The information contained in this paper also includes the company name or company affiliation of the donor.

Business cards are now seen as a means of advertising or marketing. This allows previous customers to easily remember a company and do business with them again. Because of this, employees of companies, especially marketing executives, find a way to be able to produce cards that are professional and appealing at a reasonable price.

This need of business cards sparked a new category of printing which is printing business cards. Companies often want uniform business cards for their employees. These cards contain the company logo, along with the company motto. At first, the business cards are printed in black and white. But as the business world dominated people’s lives, the demand for business cards grew, resulting in color printing. Along with this development in the printing of business cards was the emergence of more sophisticated designs, graphics and styles for business cards.

The cards are usually printed in a size of 1/8 of recording paper. People who want their own business cards can now choose to have a color card with full color back print or color with black and white back. The development of digital printing has greatly improved the quality of the prints. The coating added to business cards, leaving a glossy finish, is another improvement in the printing business cards.

Advances in printing business cards, however, have led to a series of setbacks. For example, there have been a growing number of fraud cases where customers are tricked into believing the authenticity of the business of the company, due to the good quality of the cards you are given.

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